Thursday, June 28, 2012

Excessive amounts of makeup..

First of all I want to start by saying that I'm not a professional makeup artist! I adore makeup, and within the last 5 years I've learned so much! I have to give Youtube a special thanks =D !!

Not too long ago I got back from a weekend vacation to Miami with a few of my girls, and a couple of times I will get the hint of one of them saying I wore too much makeup! She stated a couple of times how she was so happy that she was comfortable enough to be without makeup!

Wearing makeup don't mean you're not beautiful or comfortable with your skin! I'm completely comfortable being with out it! But some people don't understand the love for makeup! I wear makeup because I enjoy applying it, I enjoy feeling girly, mixing colors and looking different! Sometimes I wear loud, bright or dark colors, and I absolutely love it, even if people look at me weird or talk behind my back about it! I know that I can rock it! Even if the only person telling me I can is the little voice inside of me! At the end that's all that counts!

Just don't forget that "Beauty comes from within " you can look like a clown, or pale as a ghost but if you're rotten inside there's really no hope for you!


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