Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peacock Summer Eyes!

BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition Palette
I first applied the orange on my eye crease, then I applied the blue on my eyelid , then I applied the same blue to my inner and outer corner and out lined the bottom.
No colors were blended.

Then I applied MAC EYESHADOW in the color Rule to my Crease, blending it with the orange.

With a pencil brushed i dabbed a little of MAC EYESHADOW in color COPPERING and applied it in between the now blended orange and blue.
Then went over it with a blending blush, blending the copper color with the blue and orange.
This gave it a little dark orange color on the outter eye lid.

I used Mac PHLOOF to highlight my brow bone. 

 I applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in color PEACOCK over the blue, then outlined the top and bottom eye and waterline. 

I dabbed NYX roll on Shimmer in COLOR GREEN, over the jumbo pencil I had just applied. With a clean blending brush, I blended the shimmer and pencil. This gave it a smooth, no hard edge finish.

To finish off, I applied my eyeliner, (NYX COSMETICS NEW EYELINER "THE CURVE"), Then applied ARDELL Eyelashes #136 Black, then my favorite mascara Maybelline Voluminous in Carbon Black.
I hope you enjoyed!
Any questions or suggestions please let me know!



  1. that is absolutely stunning! such a beautiful look, LOVE it :)


  2. Hi I just stumbled across your blog...and I love it! Love your eye makeup here! I'm adding you to my reading list...check out my blog if you like! :)


  3. Your looks are gorgeous! Definitely going to follow!

    By the way thank you very much for following my blog!


  4. Love this look!