Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink Glitter Lips

I decided to play around with glitter!
this is my first time messing with loose glitter and i'm in love with the effect!

hope you guys enjoy!

I purchased this loose glitter at Sallys for only $1 dollar!
is about two inches tall, and for one dollar this is a great product!

after applying the lipstick i dabbed a little of Vaseline with my fingers in the corner sides of my lips and with a  small dry concealer brush i applied the glitter! i had no difficulties applying the glitter it sticks super easy! and i think using Vaseline is a great idea, that way your not putting any type of glue on your lips! (my lips are super sensible, they tend to dry way to much with certain products) The glitter stays on great and of course you will have some fall out, just clean that with a makeup remover wipe! 

The lipstick i used is the Nicki Minaj
$15 at Mac
This has to be one of my favorite pink lipsticks!
before i applied the lipstick, i applied concealer with my foundation brush, then applied powder.
i always follow those steps before applying any lipstick, tends to stick around for longer ;) 

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