Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who I am, where I'm going, why I'm here!

Yesterday I received my first hateful mean comment on my blog saying "Who do you think you're Dulce Candy?, you're nowhere near hunny".It actually took longer than I expected to receive my first "mean" comment, after reading that I realized that I never took the time to introduce myself and of course my intentions with this post are not to prove a point or to change anyone's view towards me! Well here it goes......

Who I am.....
My name is Dulce Garza, Yes that's my real name! I was born and raised for eight years in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon,  Mexico. and moved to United States when I was eight years old. I can speak and write Spanish as good as I write & speak English. I'm twenty two years old, currently not in school & completely confused by it! I change my mind too much (who dont?) so I keep making excuses, and I keep telling myself I will go back next semester... (Yeah, yeah I know that's horrible).

I'm very family oriented (everyone normally is right?) but most people dont understand me.. I seem to be very unique with this topic because I take being "Family oriented" way to serious, and some people think I'm crazy and childish about it! Lets just say I'm married and I still live with my parents! I live with them by choice, because being away from them is not okay with me! and maybe one day I will wake up and want to run away with my husband to a different Country/State/Island away from my parents (which I doubt it will ever happen) but today this is what I want and I'm happy this way and not ashamed by it, this don't make me any less or more than you, and this dont make me a better or a worse wife! (I thankfully have a hubby that understands me and is happy with our decisions). See the thing is that we dont have family in this state, so by me leaving they will be sad and lonely, then I will be sad and lonely! (I'm making excuses, I know)

I'm a dog lover; I own four little fluffy annoying muts, well one of them is a shih tzu which she was picked up by me after someone abused and abandoned her. I have a history of stopping traffic and causing a scene in the middle of the street while trying to rescue a dog. I have had very successful rescue stories and happy dogs!

I care to much, I stress to much, I think to much! I'm very independent, I love working for what I have, I'm way way to nice, but I can be really mean to those who dont deserve it =( which I hate! I usually dont think before I speak and It always gets me in trouble. I dont have many friends, and that's probably because I'm not the greatest one either, I've had alot of experiences with friends that step all over me, use me and control me, and thats probably why today I view things different and I dont give in that easily.
Today I can say I'm a very different Dulce from who I was a year ago, I can also say that am very proud of who I am and where I'm at... It took me a long time to realize, learn and change, it was a long bumpy road. I also realized that you will be judged if you do good or bad, people will always talk, specially those who dont know, I can accept and live with that now!

Where I'm going;

For a long time I was confused of what I wanted to do in 5 years, Now I know what I want! For most part of it I want to do MAKEUP! I want to do it everyday all day! I want to breathe it, swim in it and eat it!! lol! jk ... no but I really want to own a makeup line and a makeup studio! I want to make people feel beautiful and I want to share my creativity with others.I want to wake up every morning and go to work happily with a great attitude because I love my job and I wouldn't mind spending 8,10,15 hours doing it. Of course there's other things that I also want in 5 years but this is the fun side of my future lol!! and yes there's a lot of things I need to learn and do before that happens! I'm aware that it wont be easy!

Why I'm here;
I decided to start blogging because I was spending way to much time reading blogs and watching tutorials, So I said to myself  "Why not start one?" so I did.. It has not been easy I admit its very frustrating to sometimes see your page views and followers freeze, but I know this will take time, that's what all the amazing bloggers say! so I will listen and sit patiently, I promise to not loose hope and post frequently! I love sharing my ideas, my reviews, awesome deals and my looks with others (you can see a lot of my "work" pictures on Instagram: dulccee_ ) I hate those people that never respond when you ask them where they got their outfit, shoes, makeup from, or the people that just simply hate people copying them and state those don't have their own style! hmmmm I don't believe in that, you and me can be wearing the exact same outfit but we can rock it completely different, stop being stingy and share! =D .. People have asked me about starting my YouTube channel, and I have been in the process of that for a few months already, and I'm a bit scared! but hopefully it will happen soon!

To finish this boring Introduction I will like to say that I feel self conscious about everything I've posted so far on my blog and Instagram. Like i mention up there somewhere that I feel like the world is against me,  I'm sure there's a lot of people that would love to comment negative things about anything that I might be doing wrong or right.... and feel free to do it! You will only make me a better person and I would love to fix those things that I might be doing wrong!

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Well this post was a little longer than what I had plan... I got a little to comfortable!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!



  1. Love this post!! I applaud you for addressing the negative comment. Hey unfortunatly there is always haters that were never taught as a child if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all! ;)

    1. exactly! but some ppl dont know how to keep their mouth shut lol! but thank you love! =)

  2. Someone taking the time out to judge you in a hateful light just means you're doing something right, babe!
    You're lovely and it was great getting to read more about you!
    Keep doing what you're doing! <3

  3. Hi Dulce it Judith from the sprint store lol, I'm very surprised to see u have a blog but I'm very happy your fallowing your dream. I have a Youtube channel but not too many people know about it because I keep it to myself...scared of what my own friends will say i guess but if u ever need a helping hand let me know I love makeup as much as I do. Maybe we can join forces and get together some time I really mean it... Till then I wish u the best and stay strong.

    1. Believe it or not I know about your channel! for a minute already! & I have watched almost all your videos! i found it one day i was looking for ombre tutorials! ;) i assumed u didnt want many ppl to know since i feel the same fear! It honestly takes alot of courage for me to even have this blog posted on my IG and knowing some of the ppl that know me are prob reading and judging! but we cant please everyone, and those who love us will give us the best advice as well as support! I will gladly love to join forces! Maybe we can come up w great ideas together! Ill send u a message w my num thru fb! Thank u so much for stopping by and ur support!