Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Urban Decay De Slick Review

I always like to read and watch reviews when purchasing a new product, specially if its a little on the expensive side, so for about a month I was eyeing this spray and reading wonderful things about it. The same day that I was going to purchase this item I received an email from Sephora of a free sample kit called "ITKIT" with any purchase and the sample kit included a mini size De Slick Spray which is $12 at Ulta Travel Size De Slick at Ulta HERE!

This product states to leave you shine free for 16hrs, gives you a matte finish with out clogging your pores.
They suggest you to spray before and after your makeup, shake well and spray three to four times holding six to eight inches from the face.

The travel size spray is 15 ml 0.51 US fl oz, I think its a perfect size and it should last you long enough to realize if its worth to purchase the bigger size for $18 dollars HERE!

I suffer from oily skin but my face seems to have a bipolar disorder and it can change from oily to dry one day to another, specially during the fall and winter. Ive tried all kinds of face products and makeup for oily skin and they seem to never work for me. I constantly have to be applying powder through the day to my T-ZONE!

After about one hour of applying this spray (I applied four sprays before makeup and four after) for the first time i felt like my face was completely dry, I'm talking about nasty dry, where I couldn't even smile without feeling like I was stretching my skin out. about four hours in, I was too self conscious about my face and I still felt like my face was shiny in some areas (around my nose). The firsts two or three days I wasn't to pleased with this spray, it actually dried out my nose so bad that it was peeling and some parts of my face still looked shiny and oily =(.  I never apply moisturizer (Since my face normally gets more oily when I do) but on the fourth day I decided to change up my routine and applied a small amount of moisturizer then continued with only spraying my face twice, then applied my makeup (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush and powder) and finishing up three sprays, instead of doing eight total sprays I was going five sprays and this new technique seem to work wonders. My skin felt moisturized and at the same time the oil was not building up on my face, there were days were my face seemed to get a bit shiny but I do blame that on what I was eating or not drinking enough water.

After using this new technique of using the moisturizer and spraying less I can now say that this product is amazing, but I dont believe it will make your face shine/oil free for 16 hours, It seems to last up to eight hours on my face, I also believe that as the hours pass my face seems to get a little dewy but not oily and even though at first I was expecting my face to be completely perfect with this product I'm okay with the results.
I really do recommend for anyone that has oily skin to try this spray, you will be amazed with the results and after dealing with oily skin I'm sure a dewy or semi shiny finish will be better than feeling like your makeup is melting on your face.

Please dont expect for this photoshop perfect finish that all makeup products promise, If you're going to give this a try experiment with it a little, change up your routine and find out how many sprays work better for you!

I hope you found this review helpful! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Here are all the different sizes and the link of where you can purchase them at ! The ITKIT Free sample from Sephora is no longer available =(

Travel Size $12   Buy here!
15ml 0.51 US fl oz

 $29 118ml 4.0 US fl oz

$18 177 ml 6 US fl oz


  1. Oohh great review! I need to try this! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. oh wow, i haven't tried this one before! looks amazing, thanks for the review :)

  3. Glad I read this review. My skin isn't overly oily but I was planning on getting this to help my make up last even longer than 8 hours. Great review.

    New follower :)

  4. Amazing job on the review! Love this product!


  5. I didn't know that it leaves your skin feeling dry if you don't moisturise first! At least it works quite well once you've moisturised :)

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